Token Allocation

In this article we are providing you the detailed information about $BUZZ token allocation.
Firstly we introduce you the allocation percentages.
Token Allocation of $BUZZ
Now let explain all of these allocations,
  • Liquidity Mining : As we mentioned at Tokenomic article, BUZZ is a limited supply token. So there won't be minting of $BUZZ anytime. Liquidity Mining allocation (250M $BUZZ) will be distributed with The Head Astronaut(Distributer Contract) to users as a farming harvests. The emission ratio will be announced on DApp.
  • Treasury : Treasury is an amount of tokens that Cosmosium Team stored at treasury wallet. These funds will be used for buy-backs, liquidity increments, giveaways, support for galaxy index interactions and used for backed token when Avalanche bridge launchs.
  • Team : Team funds is seperated for our core team with a vesting period.
  • Public Sale : The amount of $BUZZ token will be sold at IFO programs. Unsold amounts will be burnt and deducted from total supply.
  • Dex Liquidity: Dex Liquidity is the $BUZZ token amount that will be used to deploy initial liquidity.
  • Partnerships : Partnership percentage is a amount of $BUZZ tokens that will be offered with a vesting period to our partnership deals.
  • Airdrops : Airdrops are also our another distribution & marketing plan for Cosmosium ecosystem. We will spend these amounts for airdrop events.
  • Advisors : As we are focusing on multi-chain infrastructure we will offer these amounts to our future advisors for Cosmosium.
These amounts also have a special vesting periods for their own. Vesting periods are shown on the table below.
The vested tokens will stay in the smart contracts and owner of these tokens can claim these after unlock time. These smart contracts will be announced on our documents. Any unannounced smart-contract tokens are stays at the initial wallet, which we used to deploy the token and made initial mintage transaction.