Cosmic Farms

Cosmic Farms is an auto-compounded earning mechanism by Cosmosium Finance. With Cosmic Farms we offer our users to stake their $BUZZ tokens to earn $BUZZ from liquidity mining. User can stake various tokens such as $BUZZ LP tokens and our partners tokens to earn $BUZZ.
Also Cosmic Farms has a different structure than other yield farm mechanisms. We will distribute our partners tokens with same auto-compounded farm at Cosmic Farms. You can earn different tokens with Cosmic Farms as well.

Partner Token Distributions

Whenever Cosmosium Finance appoint a new partnerships, we will distribute these tokens to Cosmic Farm stakers. Stakers will earn all tokens with just staking in one of Cosmic Farm.
Our aim with Cosmic Farms is simplifying earning mechanism on DeFi world.

Fees at Cosmic Farms

There are different Cosmic Farms that accepts different tokens to stake. In that case Cosmic Farms has a different depositing and withdraw taxation than others.
There are 2 taxation at Cosmic Farms
Deposit Fees : A percentage of deposit will be deducted from total stake. This amount will be used for different ways, for example $BUZZ amounts will be burnt and partner tokens will be redistributed via Cosmic Farms.
Withdrawal Fees : Cosmic Farms has their different withdraw periods. In case user wants to withdraw without waiting the end of this period, there would be some taxation applied for users withdrawal. This amount will also be used as same way at deposit fees.

Multiple Token Distribution System

Cosmic Farms has unique distribution system as we mentioned above. Cosmic Farms will have a multiple token distribution system implemented on its contract without users needs to re-stake their allocations to another farms. They can earn multiple tokens which we distributed on farms.

Complex Auto-Compounding

Cosmic Farms is not just auto-compounded and multiple token earning system. We also include a special Cosmic Farm Delegators which can auto compound third-party tokens on external farms, and distribute the harvests to stakers. Initial stakes will provided by our treasury, and our users get the harvests automatically.

Delegator Fees

Whenever Cosmic Farm is integrated with a Cosmic Delegator. The delegator will auto-compound third-party tokens provided by treasury to maximize earnings for stakers. With this effort delegator take a small percentage of fee from this third-party token harvests. This fee is not deducted from users stakes, it will be taken from third-party token. But Cosmic Delegator is generous guy, he will immediately buys $BUZZ with these fees and burn them. This is another unique burning mechanism of Cosmosium Ecosystem.

Example Cosmic Farm

Let assume that we have a cosmic farm #1 and it accepts $BUZZ for staking.
Afterwards Cosmosium Team partnered with X DeFi with their X Token. Our Cosmic Farm will develop a Cosmic Delegator and Cosmosium Team provides initial stake for X Token farm at X DeFi. Then Cosmic Delegator automatically stakes at X DeFi and auto-compounds everytime (if its pool and fee-free). The amount that earned (total X Token - initial stake) will be distributed automatically to cosmic farm #1 stakers.
Users does not need to unstake/restake to earn these new farms. It programatically done by our Cosmic Farms smart contract infrastructure. APY calculations can be differ all the time when new delegators added.