Cosmosium Finance offers locked stakings for users. You can select a locking period for your staking. Its not able to withdraw & harvest until this period ends. Higher locking period benefits with higher APYs.
There are three locked staking periods. Short-term, Mid-term and Long-term
Short-term : 7 days locking.
Mid-term : 30 days locking.
Long-term : 90 days locking.
APYs of all these staking vaults will be dynamically calculated by our staking page. You can check it from our DApp : https://app.cosmosium.finance
To clarify, the locked tokens will stay on the smart contract and user can't be able to withdraw these tokens before the locking period ends. All tokens will automatically compounded during these locking period.
With Clusters, users clusterize their $BUZZ tokens with locking on vaults. Users earn multiple tokens at the same time with just having one allocation on any Cluster.
Clusters will already have same feature as Cosmic Farms. Clusters has a their special multiplier on each earning programs. This multipliers has a linear ratio between vesting period.