BUZZ Token

Basic Information

  • Token Name: BUZZ
  • Official Token Symbol: BUZZ(will be used as token for liquidity mining)
  • Official Token Contract Address: 0xa73C15620bfA79646E9A11d0D638d66588456462
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: 500.000.000 $BUZZ
  • Initial Distribution Rate: 10 $BUZZ per block
  • Distribution Start Block : 15205470
  • Distribution Start Date : 13 February 2022 00:00 UTC

Deflection Mechanism

$BUZZ tokens has a unique approach on current DeFi world. Minting new tokens on every block causes inflation and continuously increase the total supply. This causes price destabilization and a huge inflation problem on long-term. If we conclude this old minting system it decrease the life span of DeFi project if utilization is not handled.
As Cosmosium Finance we developed a different mechanism named Deflection Mechanism to solve this inflation problem. $BUZZ token has a limited supply and every transaction happens in blockchain causes decrease on total $BUZZ supply. Theoretically this mechanism will burn most of total supply at long-term. For utilization system Cosmosium Finance offers various products for users, and in order to use these products users have to burn some $BUZZ tokens and it will also cause decrement on total supply which we achieved.

Burn Mechanisms

There are various burn mechanisms implemented on Cosmosium Finance structure. We aim to decrease $BUZZ total supply with these mechanisms and achieve price maturity as soon as possible.
If we have to list these burn mechanism, we have made these;
  • Transaction Taxes : There is a dynamic transaction tax system implemented on $BUZZ token, which on every transaction a percentage of $BUZZ will be burnt.
  • Trade Taxation : On every trade transactions (buy/sell) have different taxation. Trade taxations will not be cumulatively summarized with transaction fees. The dynamic percentage of this taxation will be burnt. Other part will be added for liquidity.
  • Cosmic Farm Harvests : Whenever a Cosmic Farm Delegator added to a Cosmic Farm. It harvests can be automatically used for buy-back & burn $BUZZ token without decreased from users stakes & earnings.
  • Index Deployment : With Galaxies system we offer our users to deploy their own indexes. To deploy an index, user have to burn some $BUZZ tokens. Also every indexes deployed on Cosmosium Network has to include a constant ratio of $BUZZ token. This product will increase the demand of $BUZZ token also decrease the total supply.
  • Satellite System : There is dynamic ratio of burn percentage on every option trading.
  • Clusters : We are offering a high APY ratio on our Clusters with vesting periods. But if user withdraws before the vesting ends, the users earnings will be burnt and deducted from total supply.
  • Bridge : We will plan to support Avalanche network at our second month. The bridge we will provide for our users will has a %0.5 bridge operation fee, which these fees will be burnt and deducted from total supply.
  • Launchpad : Cosmosium Finance will deploy lift-off for new projects. Users will able to commit liquidity tokens to apply these lift-offs. The $BUZZ part of this liquidity tokens will be burnt.
  • GameFi : Cosmosium Finance has a great partnership with a game development team. In future we offer GameFi projects which games utilizes $BUZZ token.

Transfer Tax

  • Automatic Liquidity Rate: 75% of transfer tax will be used for BUZZ (a special auto buyback and burn mechanism).
  • Burn Rate : 25% of transfer tax will be burnt forever.
  • Total Transfer Tax Rate: 2% of each transfer.
  • Buying transactions & interacting with Cosmosium Ecosystem's smart contracts will be deducted from transfer tax.
  • Sell transactions will have 10% transfer tax in first week. Afterwards its decreased gradually with maturity of price.
  • Transfer Tax and burn rates will be adjusted every week depends on the inflation of BUZZ.

Farming Rate

  • $BUZZ farming rate will be calculated as 15 BUZZ per block. This ratio will be adjusted every week. Adjustment will also depends on average block count on BSC network.
  • Gradually reduced to 50.000 $BUZZ / day or lower until all coins are mined.