We have connected our wallet in the last section. It's time to buy $BUZZ.
This is how it looks right now we connected wallet and we don't have any $BUZZ
To buy $BUZZ we need to click the "Trade" button and the "Exchange" button.
Now we are on the Exchange screen. In the "From" part you need to select which coin you want to buy $BUZZ with. In the "To" part you need to select $BUZZ. Do not forget to make slippage to 3% from settings button (green square).
Enter the amount of coin that you want to buy $BUZZ with. I will buy 0.05 BNB worth of $BUZZ.In the "To" part it shows the estimated $BUZZ amount that I will have.
Click the "Swap" button, after that click the "Confirm Swap" button in the pop-up window.
Confirm the transaction process from Metamask window.
Congratulations you have $BUZZ! You can see it in your wallet.
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