Welcome to Cosmosium

The Big Bang happened on BSC at block 14734526.

Cosmosium Finance is a brand new eco-system that offers several unique features on DeFi world. We combined finance with art, art with derivatives, derivatives with finance and named this combination as $BUZZ.

Main Features

Simple Earning

We designed everything on our DApp is easy to use and accessible for everyone. Our UI/UX team spent most of their times to let our users can easily use our functionalities without any technical difficulties & knowledge.
All earning plans at Cosmosium Finance are simply trackable on our DApp. You can join any farm you want with just a token that needed for staking.
All pools are auto-compounded by itself. We don't really want our valuable users to spend their time & gas fees for harvest & compound by themselves.
Locked Stakings are All-in-One solution for term-based investors. You just have to stake your tokens with higher APY & higher Vesting methodology. You don't have to track your harvests & compound by yourself. All system will be handled by our smart contracts.

Automatic Rewards to Holders

Cosmosium Ecosystem will send airdrop tokens periodically to the BUZZ token holders. You just have to hold BUZZ token to join these airdrops. The minimum amount requirements will be provided after launch.

Galaxies Program

Cosmosium Finances made a multiple token buy easier with Galaxies Programs. Users can deploy their own indexes and earn fees from transactions made with indexes. Minting & Burning index tokens will cause minimal fees like (%0.05 to %0.1). These fees will be distributed to the index creator and other percentage will be used for buy-back & burn BUZZ.

Auto-Compounding by Default

Cosmosium Finance offers auto-compounding farms by default. All of BUZZ staking pools has auto-compounding feature. You can just stake once and enjoy your earnings without any manual harvest & stake needed. Cosmosium Finance will also provide gas station system for let our users wont need to pay gas fees on some transactions.

Locked Stakings

Cosmosium Finance offers multiple BUZZ staking vaults which defines a withdraw & harvest time limits to prevent our ecosystem from bots and encourage ecosystem users to stake their BUZZ for higher time periods. We aim to increase our % BUZZ staked ratio to the 100% percent in near future.
Locked Staking vaults will offer much higher APY then not vested pools. The higher vesting period comes with higher APY.
Last modified 9mo ago